Archangel Zachriel sends you the message that it’s time to stop numbing yourself and escaping from your reality right now...

If anything, this is the best time to revisit your past and integrate your experiences so that you can create a better future. Zachriel wants you to know that your memories hold so much power -- both happy and unpleasant ones.

The more that you try to run from those that bring up complex feelings, the more you’re actually creating a reality in which you’re likely to repeat the same cycles.

You see, Archangel Zachriel wanted me to share his story with you so that you could understand what the word “integration” truly means from a divine perspective.

Archangel Zachirel is one of the most tenacious angels there is, holding a heavy responsibility of deciding which angels’ memories are kept and which angel’s memories need to be erased in order to prevent bad cycles.

There are a couple of lessons presented here when Zachriel shows up to support you --
either you need to remember something from your past so that you can integrate that life lesson into your present to create a better future…

Or you need to let go of a painful memory that is keeping you stagnant.

You know better than anyone else exactly what you need right now. If you need assistance from Zachriel, simply ask!