The Sun

Right now you are shining brightly like the gorgeous Sun!

The tarot card showing up for you today is all about success, radiance, and positivity. It is the powerful Sun.

When the Sun shows up it is time for you to step into warmth, light, and fun in your life. Traditionally ruled by the sign Leo, the Sun reminds you that you must connect to your inner child once again to shine your brightest.

Have you been feeling the need to become more playful?

It’s time. Your inner child is begging to be let out.

The Sun is here to remind you it’s your time to be in the light, and there’s no more light-hearted way of approaching life than as the divine child of the Universe that you are!

Right now you are being shown that no matter what you’ve gone through lately, bliss and prosperity are coming when you learn to live a fun Iife.

You are in a state of renewal and your success is assured. The Sun is one of the most positive and successful cards in the deck and it’s showing up FOR YOU!

The qualities of this card are brilliance, illumination, success, joy, happiness, and spiritual light. This is a wonderous time to play and enjoy the fruits of your labor thus far.

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