The Sun

It’s time that you have some fun today. The Sun in the reverse has shared it’s important message that life isn’t all work and no play.

In the upright, this tarot card is all about success, radiance, and positivity. However, in the reverse, you’ve been dimming your light because you think that your responsibilities are more important than your own happiness.

The Universe is trying to remind you of how amazing, freeing, and downright fun it was to be a child. Can you remember when time didn’t seem to exist? How laughter was always filling the room? Or how you felt free to express yourself before the big bad world taught you to dim your light?

Traditionally ruled by the sign Leo, the Sun reminds you that you must connect to your inner child once again to shine your brightest. Your inner child is begging to be let out.

Right now you are being shown that no matter what you feel like is on your plate, you must make time to connect to your young, fun-loving self again each day. What is truly holding you back from starting again today?

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