The Magician

Wow! The unstoppable Magician card was pulled for you today. This is a sign of major positive changes on the horizon.

The Magician indicates that you will be having a new beginning or opportunity present itself in your life very soon. The best part of it all is that you’re completely in control of how the next chapter of your life goes.

The Magician creates a powerful connection between the material plane and the physical plane as a conduit of manifestation.

*Hint Hint*... YOU are the conduit!

Magic is alchemy, which is the transformation of one thing into another. In this case, it is the transformation of your goals into reality on the physical plane.

Right now, there are new beginnings coming into your life. It’s important that you recognize the resources around you -- your inner strength, vision, and passions will take you farther than you may have ever imagined.

You are in a time of unlimited potential. The Universe wants you to know that this is your time. You will be rewarded by seeing your dreams blossom like a beautiful flower before your very eyes.

Make sure you take this opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and make your dreams real!

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