The Magician

The unstoppable Magician card was pulled for you today… but in revere. Why Aren’t you feeling as powerful as you truly are?

This is a sign from the Universe that you need to learn to harness your power.

The Magician indicates that a new beginning or opportunity is making its way into your life very soon. The Universe knows that you can handle these changes… but do you?

You need to know that you are completely in control of how the next chapter of your life goes. Your mind is your most powerful resource -- use it wisely.

The Magician creates a powerful connection between the material plane and the physical plane as a conduit of manifestation. You are that conduit -- your mind is the conduit.

You may be just starting to understand how to harness the life force you have within you. After all, magic is alchemy or the transformation of one thing into another. In this case, it is the transformation of your biggest dreams into your physical reality.

Right now, there are new beginnings coming into your life. It’s important that you maintain a very positive outlook on life because what you think about will become your reality, especially at this time. Your inner strength, vision, and passions will take you far if you can focus on positive outcomes rather than negative ones.

The Universe wants you to know that this is your time. Make sure you take this opportunity to truly manifest the life that you’ve always wanted to live.

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