The High Priestess

The High Priestess card has shown up in reverse with a significant message that you need to hear today.

The High Priestess ushers in a sense of learning to TRUST your own intuition. She is the divine liaison between source and our energetic bodies, ushering in insights, synchronicities, and messages that are specific for you.

Why are you questioning yourself so much when you know what’s best for you?

The way society is set up, they teach you to trust others more than yourself. Right now, the Universe wants you to know that your angels, spirit guides, and ancestors speak directly to you and share exactly what you need to know. Do not look outside of yourself for the answers that you’re seeking!

There are many ways to grow your intuition and access the knowledge stored deep within your higher self. Of course, this takes practice. The first step is learning to trust yourself.

When she shows up in reverse, her message is a signal that you’ve been ignoring your higher self’s attempts to connect with you. Take time today to get still, set intentions to increase your intuitive abilities, and make time for this each day moving forward.

Believe it or not, you have access to seeing, sensing, and knowing the deepest knowledge by getting more in touch with your higher self.

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