The Hierophant

Today, the Hierophant showed up in the reverse with a strong reminder that you need to connect back to your roots, your ancestors, and practice your spiritual rituals.

Even though life can just take over, it's important to create even the smallest routines to help keep you connected to the divine source energy around you and centered.

Humans are creatures of habit -- try to create habits that serve your highest self. If you have never developed your own spiritual routine, today is a good day to try to find what works for you.

Consider meditating, writing a daily gratitude journal, reading, praying, or even yoga can be considered a spiritual practice. It’s all about taking time to be still, be one with your thoughts, and connect to the divine guidance that the Universe is always sending your way.

You will be surprised at how much more receptive you become when even a simple 15 minutes a day becomes a part of your daily routine!

Whatever ways feel the best synchronized with your ideal schedule, do that. The Hierophant is reminding you that this sacred time should always be a priority in your life. This is about you and your personal relationship with source.

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