The Hermit

If you’re feeling a pull to spend some time by yourself, NOW is the time to listen! The Hermit card showed up for you today to say, “it’s time for you to hear yourself think.”

The Universe is proud of your ability to adjust to time alone by yourself. You know that being alone does not mean that you’re ever lonely. Your ancestors, angels, and spirit guides are always with you, supporting you, and helping you when you need it.

Most importantly, the Hermit reminds you that it’s necessary to have time alone to differentiate your thoughts and feelings from others. You’re highly empathic and can take on other people’s energies. It’s necessary for you to recharge and regroup.

The Hermit is a symbol of a wise master atop a mountain, standing alone. This card is a symbol of inner guidance, intuition, introspection, soul-searching, and self-discovery.

The Universe is reminding you that you have wealth of wisdom within that is usually a still small voice more than it is a loud booming one.

This is a time to reflect on your wisdom so you can use it to help others.

Creating your own sacred, quiet space, even if just a few minutes today, is what The Hermit is asking of you today. And this will give you a chance to reconnect to your divine guiding light.

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