The Empress

This is an exciting time for you!

The Empress card showed up fiercely for you today, tearing away any creative blocks you’ve been feeling recently.

It’s a great day to release and enjoy the beauty and abundance all around you. You are being freed up to access your own inner power.

By inviting the Universe to help you clear these blocks, you are going to better access your intuition, bring forth new and innovative ideas, as well as attract an overflowing well of abundance!

You might even be feeling more connected to nature, mother earth, or want to spend some time showing Gaia some love. If you pay attention to Mother Nature, she will show you just how beautiful the creative process can be.

The Empress is here to help you tap into your own divine feminine side (despite your physical gender) and look for opportunities to share, collaborate, and use your nurturing talents to support yourself. On a soul level, this is how you will truly make a difference in the world.

Instead of looking to anyone else to help you realize your ability to produce prosperity in your life, The Empress is a call for you to stand strongly on your own two feet and create your own.

Get creative!

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