The Emperor

Today, the Emperor showed up mightily in your reading. This means that the Universe is telling you that it’s time for others in your circle to hear your wisdom.

You have a very practical, logical way of doing things. One of your many strengths is critical thinking. Others could use your advice or strong masculine energy (despite your physical gender) today.

There are many times in our lives when we are students of life, learning lessons through different experiences. We are growing. We are expanding. We are focused on gaining what we need to know.

Then come the times when it’s important to step forward with our knowledge and become the authority in an area we deeply care about. The Emperor is calling you forward to run your kingdom!

Now is the time when you are being asked to become a leader or develop the leadership capabilities within yourself by putting your ideas into form, structure, and function.

It’s time to put my ideas into action and create a systemized way of approaching something. Seize this opportunity -- it is unique to you and the rest of us are waiting to see what amazing things come about when you fully take charge of your life.

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