The Devil

Today, the traditional Devil card showed in the reverse up with the reminder that nothing good comes from self-sabotage, falling for wicked temptations, and limiting belief systems.

Today is the day to dive into some deep inner-healing work, otherwise known as “shadow work.” Now, this isn’t necessarily fun or “light” work, but that is the whole point. You’re being called to look deeply into yourself and release whatever is keeping you from your divine connection to your higher self and the Universe.

Reversed cards highlight the negative energy that’s at the forefront of the reading. Your spirit guides can tell that you’re resistant to these changes because it’s not going to be easy. However, they want you to know that it will be worth it!

Healing isn’t all about love and light. Spirit wants you to know that in our polar universe, the dark can also carry messages and keys to our transformation!

You are being called to look at any emotional or negative attachments or behaviors that are not serving you as well as any limitations you believe about yourself or the world. You have so much more to offer to the world when you’re free from those wicked shackles!

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