The Chariot

The Chariot is showing up for you today with a strong message to focus on your goals and remove distractions. Your time and energy is precious -- channel it wisely!

The Chariot is a card of strength, determination, triumph and willpower. All of these characteristics are needed at this time and you have all of them within you!

It is a sign to take focused action and stick to the course you’ve chosen no matter what challenges come your way. You may be tested soon, but if you have tunnel vision towards your big goal, there is nothing that can stop you!

Think of it like a divine chariot carrying you to your desired destination. The Chariot card is a call for you to assert yourself and be courageous, as your success is all but guaranteed. YOU are the only thing that can allow yourself to become distracted -- remember that.

Don’t forget, you still have to take inspired action to bring your goals to fruition, but the Universe does have your back! Your chariot awaits! Don’t miss it.

One thing that you can do to assist the Universe is to get clear about where you are headed. Define your sacred destination and create a Goal List of what you would like to accomplish (either short-term or long-term) and the feelings you will feel when you have it!

This is the best way that you can transmute any distracted energies and refocus them back on your divine path.

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