Why are you acting so shy? You are coming into a very powerful time! The Strength tarot card has shown up today to remind you of your inner strength.

The Strength card in reverse shows up when you’re giving up your personal power by doubting yourself. It’s not easy to always self-correct those negative thoughts, but it is necessary to reach the next level of your life!

The Strength card is a sign that you need to find the courage within to level up your life. The Universe is asking you to find that lion’s roar deep within yourself and let it out!

The number “8” on this card also signifies determination, influence, authority, courage, and represents the inherent power that runs within you.

Whenever the Strength card shows up in reverse, your guides are trying to remind you that although they want you to be confident that it’s important to also be humble as you build your confidence up again.

It’s time to step further into your expertise on a particular subject and to release any self doubt and tap into the wildcat within! Spirit is cheering you on as you learn to balance your strength and ego through life’s lessons at this time.

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