Oh wow! I can feel a surge of passion, love, and fiery energy surrounding you! Today, the mighty Seraphim angels are supporting you.

You are divinely protected through a huge transition in your life by the Chief Prince of Seraphim Angels, Seraphiel! As you read this, you may feel the warmth of his embrace from his many wings.

Seraphiel brings the message that a new initiation to the next level of your life is on the way.

Seraphiel is unlike any other angel you may have heard about -- he’s the Chief Prince of the Seraphim angels. Physically, he stands over seven ft. tall and is known to have four faces, six wings, and a mighty roar like a lion!

This may sound unbelievable, but you must trust your feelings and intuition right now.

Seraphim angels are protectors, warriors, and divine gatekeepers of love, light, and fire which is why they exude this undeniable lioness courage and mighty roar!

Since Angel Seraphiel is connected to the planet Mercury, you may be getting random ideas or even insights that can bring you towards your divine soul purpose in this lifetime.

Your angels never want to frighten you, so he is with you in the spirit realm until you’re ready to invite him fully into your life without fear. Only then will he present you the healing that you need at this time!

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