Learning the hard way can take a toll on your spirit sometimes.

Archangel Raziel wants to uplift you, reminding you that everything happens for a reason. He can assist you in transmuting any negative energy right now.

Raziel is like a wise old wizard who helps each of us turn knowledge (what you’ve experienced or learned) into wisdom (what you can apply to your life now).

He is sending you a gentle reminder that what you’ve recently gone through isn’t all about you. Better yet, the knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained will help so many other people around you.

Down the road, you will become a great healer yourself. To be able to tune into your higher self or move past any painful memories or events, you can call on Raziel. He wants you to know that he is always here for you.

He will help you not only heal, but will also help you assimilate anything from the situation your soul is asking you to learn. He is the keeper of many of the secrets of the Universe.

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