Right now, Archangel Raphael is congratulating you for tapping into your ethereal healing powers and guidance for others.

The angels can tell that you’ve been working on yourself and it shows!

As you can tell, the less that you stress and lean more into faith, you’ve had fewer physical ailments and more time to just enjoy the human experience.

Raphael is an angel of healing whose name is most often translated into “medicine healing” and “God heals the world.” He is here to support you in your similar divine soul path.

Healing the collective does take a lot of personal energy and knowledge on how to protect your energy. Raphael wants you to know that if you ever feel overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough energy to do it all, he will help you carry the load.

Keep going, keep striving, and know that you are supported in all the spiritual realms to accomplish your divine soul mission.

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