Archangel Raphael is reaching out to offer you his ethereal healing and guidance today.

Are you ready? Are you open to it?

If you have been feeling stressed out or dealing with physical issues, Raphael’s angelic energy is encircling you now to help you through this time.

Raphael is an angel of healing whose name is most often translated into “medicine healing” and “God heals the world.”

He is not only adept at helping you heal your physical body, but he can also help you heal your spiritual connection! Raphael wants you to know that the connection is never lost, but it can always be strengthened.

Raphael is here to help you understand that although you have responsibilities in the physical realm, your spiritual connection should always be a priority. He can support you and help you lighten the load so that you can focus on your divine path.

Simply ask for Raphael to help you heal your third eye and bridge your spiritual alliance.

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