Page of Pentacles

Today, the Page of Pentacles in reverse has showed up for you today reminding you that it’s time to stop stressing over finances. The more resistance you create between you and the very thing that you want, the longer it will take to come to you!

Your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. They sent you the abundant message of the Page of Pentacles because they do not want you to miss the many opportunities coming your way due to stress.

Pentacles always bring forth earth energy, meaning that you’re being presented with an opportunity to materialize your goals and ideas in this earthy realm. This could include financial rewards if you open yourself up to receive them.

The Universe recognizes that you’ve been hard at work, but you don’t have to work yourself to death to receive the wealth and abundance that you desire. Wealth and abundance is your natural born birth right.

This card brings forth the initiation energy to begin implementing new ways of bringing money into your life. Open your mind and heart to new easier ways to reach your goals. You’ll be surprised at the gifts that the Universe sends your way.