Do you smell that sweet aroma in the air? This floral scent is usually present when the “perfume of God,” or Archangel Muriel is present.

Clairalience, or the psychic gift of smell, may start to be developed soon. You’re on the path of developing your psychic senses, which is why Archangel Muriel has shown up to assist you on this new journey.

As an empath, you may have grown up with difficulty being able to express your emotions and feelings. It’s almost like your feelings provide you both gifts and curses, right?

Muriel wants you to know that your sensitivity is a gift as it is heightened intuition. She is encouraging you to lean into your emotional nature. You’re highly intuitive and here to help heal the world.

Society has been so harsh and many have misunderstood the power of emotional intelligence, but you’re here to be a trailblazer for the healers of your generation!

Archangel Muriel delivers the message that if you truly work to break down the guard around your heart, you'll be gifted with new intuitive gifts that can take your healing work to the next level.

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