You’re meant to see this divine message from Archangel Michael today -- it will help pick up your energy.

In fact, he is asking you to look for the places where you are feeling drained, exhausted, tired, and overwhelmed and ask him to help!

Michael understands that there are many things, people, and responsibilities that tug on our energy. Quite frankly, he can tell that you’re feeling utterly exhausted.

The message here is to stop repeating the old patterns that have lead you to feeling drained and out of your element. Michael is a fierce warrior angel -- the ultimate protector in the angelic and spiritual realms.

He wants to help you cut the emotional cords, create better boundaries, and release attachments -- but you have to identify them and ask for his assistance.

Take today as a perfect opportunity to call on Michael now to help protect you spiritually, in your career, in your relationships, and even in your own thinking!

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