Today is a big day -- the day that you’re being called to look back on your life and level up your consciousness.

It’s time for the truth of who you are to come forward! Can you feel it?

The Judgement card showed up today with a strong calling to review your decisions. Are they serving your highest good?

As you can see, Archangel Gabriel is blowing the holy trumpet calling you forth along with other spirits on this major arcana card. This symbolizes the Univere’s call for you to review what you’ve done in life so far and ascend to your next level.

You’ve been doing the work and your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors are so excited to see you once again transmute another level of your human experience.

This card brings forth a heavy message of integration as well. Are there any situations that happened in the past that you have learned from? Rather than judging yourself harshly for them, take them as a learning lesson and move forward with a new approach with your expanded consciousness and awareness.

Seize the day today by recognizing that you’ve truly been committed to growing as a person and accept your accolades!

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