A message came directly from angel Haniel and I knew it was meant to be shared on this special day.

Archangel Haniel is calling to you with the message that it’s time to increase your spiritual gifts and awareness! You’ve been doing the work and your body is truly becoming a channel to receive divine messages.

Have you been feeling more sensitive? More emotional?

These are angelic signs that Haniel is present around you at this time! This is an opportunity to delve deeper into your supernatural gifts.

Just as the tides are affected by the moon, your intuitive side is affected by our emotions and can be accessed through what we’re feeling.

Today is a great day to trust your feelings as the divine guidance system they were always meant to be!

Your emotions are a superb avenue to access your psychic abilities. And if you are already feeling the pull to begin working on your intuitive skills, it’s the perfect time to allow Haniel to work her divine powers in your life.

All you must do is ask Haniel for support in growing your intuitive and psychic gifts.

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