Archangel Hamaliel is here to balance your emotions today -- this is truly a blessing from the Universe.

You’re more in tune with your emotions than most people. Archangel Hamaliel encourages you to tap into your logical mind right now to restore balance in your inner world. You have the ability to do both!

While many humans struggle to express themselves emotionally, let their feelings flow through them, and actually experience passion-filled lessons, you don’t try to shy away from these things.

This is something to celebrate!

However, tapping into the masculine energy that Hamaliel delivers can activate your logic, help you become more decisive, and make choices that benefit you in the long term, not just this moment.

In order to help you invite the healing energy of Archangel Hamaliel into your life, all you have to do is ask! Right now, he is inviting you to go into a quick hermit mode and meditate on some of the larger decisions that you’re going to have to make at this time.

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