Wow! Bountiful blessings are on their way to you today. Archangel Barchiel, the angel of blessings, is with you right now.

How amazing is that?!

When it comes to manifesting your dreams, you must both invite peace and prosperity into your life (symbolized by the white rose that Archangel Barchiel is usually spotted with) and trust that your manifestations will come to life.

After all, the Universe is always working with you not against you. So all you must do is trust the process.

Secondly, Barchiel wants to share that there is a level of confidence that you need to have in order to believe that what you’re dreaming of is truly possible.

Barchiel will bless you with the natural healing of rose medicine, which brings forth strong feelings of self-love.

No matter how big your goal is, asking for Bachiel’s assistance will help you reach them!

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