Archangel Barbiel can feel the resentment, hurt, and pain you’re holding in your heart. Today, he is here to convert difficult feelings into genuine compassion for yourself and others.

Are you ready? Are you open to it?

We’re taught that revenge is the way or that when you’ve been wronged that you shouldn’t trust others the same way again -- but all this does is close off your heart and lower your frequency, attracting more negative experiences towards you.

Archangel Barbiel doesn’t want you to become cold-hearted or disrupt your natural flow of love and abundance.

Instead, he is here to help you live your most fulfilling, passion-fueled human experience. Please accept his healing today.

He holds a fiery sword that cuts through the darkness, exposing truths and also highlighting the best way to handle them. No, this does not mean to go out and seek revenge, but Archangel Barbiel does wish to show you how to set and maintain boundaries.

Simply ask for his assistance in developing the inner strength to stand up for yourself in the right way. He will ignite your path towards healing, power, transformation, and protection for the future.