Archangel Azrael is showing up for you very strongly today! You have undergone major healing and transformations lately in the most challenging ways.

Azrael is known as the ‘benevolent transformer of mental and emotional anxieties’ and one of the most healing of all of the angels.

Azrael shows up when you have dealt with loss, stress, or worry. He’s here to take the weight of those heavy emotions off of your shoulders because your spirit deserves a break. You have shown you’re extremely resilient and determined to stay on your divine soul path!

Azrael shows humanity that there is a way to find peace and calmness, even in present unlikely circumstances. All you need to do is ask for his support.

Azrael advises that grief is a process that doesn’t just end one day -- it’s one of the heaviest energies to transmute in the human experience. The angels are here supporting you now and forever!

You love deeply and feel loss just as deeply when someone or something is gone for good. The angels want you to know that you’re doing a great job staying positive and continuing to share your love and light.

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