Ace of Swords

Your guides can sense that you’ve been feeling plagued by mental fatigue and fogginess. There’s some mental blockage that’s coming through with the Ace of Swords showing up in the reverse today.

You’re facing unprecedented times and fear of the unknown seemed to be draining your energy from you. Not only do your spirit guides and angels feel this energy from you, but they sent this reading to you to restore your hope for the future.

The swords suit in tarot represents your mentality and Ace cards are a new opportunity or gift given by The Universe. With this in the reverse, you could be potentially missing a message because your mind isn’t clear or you may be consuming too much information.

If you’ve been struggling to solve a problem, figure out how to bring your manifestations to life, or not sure of what steps to take next, you will finally have a better sense of direction, but you need to do some mental detoxing.

This may mean that you can do a social media detox so that you’re not consuming so much information all the time. Or you might want to try eating lightly for a week or two because your gut health directly affects your mental health as well.

Today is a great day to do some journaling, get into a deep meditation, and invite signs and symbols to come through in your dreams.

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