Ace of Cups

Please don’t miss out on the type of connection that your heart longs for...

The Ace of Cups in reverse is showing up with the message that you are potentially missing your blessings from the Universe.

Are you emotionally unavailable? If so, just know that you will also be attracting other emotionally unavailable people into your reality until you heal!

Your guides want you to know that closing yourself off to new love, new connections, and your spirituality does not hurt anyone else more than it hurts your own self.

Ace cards are divine gifts from the Universe. When they show up in the reverse, your guides are giving you a huge flash warning that something in your inner reality needs to change to be a vibrational match for the blessings that are trying to make their way into your life.

This isn’t something that you want to miss out on either -- this is a divine connection to The Universe, an opening of the heart chakra like never before, and peak of intuitive gifts!

All of us experience heart break or disconnected moments from our spirituality… but don’t let those heavy feelings keep you from the divine people, places, and things that want to connect with you.

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