Today is the perfect day to get into a gratitude journal because the powerful message of flowing abundance from the number 8 is showing up for you today.

Gratitude is the attitude that attracts more blessings into your life. Since the number 8 is showing up for you so strongly, the Universe is opening the floodgates for you to receive more wealth, more freedom, and more time to truly step into your authentic self.

The Universe shows you the number 8 when you’re ready to graduate to the next level in your life -- whether that be monetarily, consciously, or even karmically.

Your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides see how hard you’ve been working to break generational curses. Today is a day to relax into your fmeinine energy and be open to receiving abundance in all its many forms. You deserve it!

Sacred messages from the number 8 include financial power, breaking karmic cycles, and even powerful transformations.

Don’t shy away from the powerful energy presenting itself today. You’re a force all on your own and you have support from the Universe.

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