Oh my goodness!

Divine radiance must be oozing from your pores right now -- lucky number 7 is showing up for you today.

The Universe is ready to shower you with love, connectedness, prosperity, and luck today. 7 is always a congratulatory message directly from the angel realms.

They see how hard you’ve been working and how much love and light you’ve been sharing with everyone around you. The Universe wants to reward you for your hard work and generosity.

Sacred messages from the number 7 include strokes of luck, increased psychic abilities, and even spiritual downloads that could randomly show up throughout the day.

Number 7 is powerful. Be sure to use this magical day to your advantage by writing down your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want to see you bring all of your unique ideas to life.

You’ve been chosen today! Celebrate!

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