No matter what, the Universe wants you to know that you always have a divine connection to the life force energy that surrounds you.

The sacred number 7 message shows up when you need a reminder that you can never be cut off from the divine. Despite any unlucky situations or any less than favorable circumstances, the Universe is still here and readily assisting you.

There are times where we all fall short of seeing how the Universe moves with our best interest in mind -- but that’s where faith and shifts of perspective are so important!

The number 7 is a reminder that you are a divine extension of the Universe itself. You are lucky. You are beautiful. You are magical.

You just have to believe it unwaveringly.

Sacred messages from the number 7 include strokes of luck, increased psychic abilities, and even spiritual downloads that could randomly show up throughout the day. Be open to receiving them.

Number 7 is powerful. Be sure to use this magical day to your advantage. Remember, you’ve been chosen to be here, right now, in this moment for a reason!

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