3 of Cups

I have a good feeling that you’re going to be making great connections today!

The 3 of Cups made its way into your life today, bringing the lovely message of collaboration, connection, and socializing.

On a personal level, your spirit guides want you to know that The Universe is activating a social shift for you. Gone are the days that you felt isolated or lonely.

When the 3 of Cups card shows up in a reading, it brings forward new friendships, relationships, and partnerships that are actually in alignment with you on a soul level!

Cups represent the emotions, feelings, intuition, and spirituality in tarot. The number 3 brings forth the energy of creation, stability, and even connects to the holy trinity which is truly the mind, body, and spirit.

The Universe is excited to bring people into your life that will be here for a long time for you to build a spiritually, emotionally, and mentally satisfying connection with.

As challenging as vibrating past your old friends and family might have been, it was completely necessary to isolate and improve yourself by yourself. After all, the people that you meet are a reflection of where you are in your life -- so it was imperative that you had time to get to know your true, authentic self.

Now that you have space in your life for new connections, you can attract authentic soul family members that match this 3 of Cups energy today!

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