The sacred message of the number 3 is trying to remind you of your great creative capabilities right now.

3 is a very high vibrational number, but you have to trust that you are in sync with the Universe. The Universe is trying to tell you that it’s ready to create alongside you. You must first believe that you are capable of being a magical manifestor.

Your angels and guides want you to know that it’s okay to have big dreams and aspirations -- there is no such thing as “unrealistic.”

In fact, what you’re dreaming of bringing to life will have a sturdy structure because the sacred message of 3 is that of structure.

3 is a reference to the stable foundation of life itself -- the mind, body, soul connection. Right now, the Universe is reminding you that anything can be accomplished when you prioritize these 3 facets of life.

Reality may feel like it has to take precedence, but don’t lose sight of the magic all around you. Number 3 will show up for you as a reminder of your supernatural abilities to bring anything to life with patience, perseverance, and connection of the mind, body, and soul.

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