The angel number 111 is calling for you to really change the focus of your energy and attention today!

The Universe is working in your favor right now, opening up a magical portal for you to bring your wildest dreams and ideas to life -- but your attention seems to be elsewhere.

When you see the same repeating numbers like 111, the Universe is trying to send you a message to be extremely conscious of your thoughts because whatever you put your attention on will increase far more quickly now.

Make sure that your thoughts are focused on what you really want, not what you DON’T want! Meditation and breathwork can bring your mind back to a positive place if you’re plagued with negative thoughts today.

Remember, everything starts within your mind! YOU are in control of your current and future reality.

Transmute self-deprecating thoughts by pushing aside the “rational” mind. Invite your inner child out to play and use your imagination to visualize yourself having already attained it, and then fill your heart up with gratitude and appreciation for having received it.

111 is a reminder to take inspired action toward achieving your dreams. The Universe is more than happy to meet you halfway when you decide to consciously raise your vibration!

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