10 of Cups

Blessings beloved! You’re in alignment like never before!

Your guides are so proud of you -- they can tell that you’ve been doing “the work.” They’ve sent you the glorious message of the 10 of Cups!

Gratitude journals, personal development books, better health and wellness… it’s all radiating from your aura!

Your angels, guides, and ancestors are so excited to see what you do with this next beautiful chapter in your life, which is why they are sending you the congratulatory message from the 10 of Cups tarot card.

When the 10 of cups card shows up in a reading, the energy of divinity, pure love, harmony, and blissful relationships is brought forward.

It’s very apparent that you've been working hard on improving yourself internally -- because your external reality is about to reflect the peace and prosperity that you feel within.

As with anything in this human experience, you’re in control of the outcome starting with your mind and internal world. I truly feel that you’re in a good place to begin merging your life with another’s in a more permanent way.

Since you’re at peace, you can bring peace to a relationship or even create a happy, balanced home with a partner or loved one. You’ve been wanting this for a while now.

You deserve all of the blessings being bestowed upon you, your family, and your relationships. Now, your only job is to enjoy being present in this blissful moment with the people that are closest to you.

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