10 of Cups

Today, your angels, guides, and ancestors want you to focus on learning one of the main principles of the law of attraction: you must release resistance in order to manifest what you desire.

When the 10 of Cups shows up in reverse, spirit can tell that you are really really wanting something, but in all of your want you are creating a barrier between you and the very thing that you are wishing for.

You may be desiring a beautiful, reciprocal relationship. Maybe a happy home with children to raise with your loving partner. Possibly even a new career that’s emotionally and spiritually satisfying...

However, the more that you stress over these things, the more that you are disrupting the flow of them coming to you. Believe it or not, what you want wants you too.

But when you stress or create resistance, you’re sending a message to the Universe that you don’t believe you can actually obtain those very things. Possibly that you don’t even feel worthy of them.

As with anything in this human experience, you’re in control of your reality by focusing on your mind and internal world. Once you can improve your thoughts, you can transmute the negative energy surrounding your goals and draw your desires closer to you.

Remember, you deserve all of the blessings being bestowed upon you, your family, and your relationships.

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