The sacred message of the number 1 is coming through hard today -- you need to hear this.

The Universe is reminding you that you are the one and only thing that can bring your unique ideas to life. That is why you received that download from the cosmos -- not anyone else.

At the same time, you are the one and only thing that can get in the way of actually bringing that idea to life! Why would you do such a disservice to yourself and everyone else who is relying on your brilliance in this human experience?

The sacred message of number 1 is a reminder that perception is everything. This is literally your world.

All the rest of us -- we’re just living in it and we are so grateful that your magic mind is here to share with us your gifts. Please do not dim them.

Try to use today’s number 1 message as an invite to hurdle over any self-limiting beliefs that you may hold. You can be a truly unstoppable force if you allow yourself to be!

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